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Keep your company and customers informed on whats next

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Launch With Confidence

Keep your company and customers informed on whats next

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Collective Intelligence Difference

How we can help transform your product launches


Choose from a selection of pre-made templates that help you manage you project, deliverables and team


View, analyze, organize and execute in real-time on multiple projects while keeping everyone on your team focused on their goals


Keep your customers, employees and stakeholders up-to-date on the newest releases with a dedicated page and automated emails

Rethink Product Launches

With Collective Intelligence

Dedicated Release Site

Make it easy for customers and employees to browse your past updates on a dedicated page

Keep Your Organization Aligned

Create transparancy and confidence through concise communications

Real-Time Feedback

Capture key insights, communicate with the team members and launch with confidence

Automated Communication

Broadcast your releases via email to your subscribers, keeping everyone up-to-date

Traditional Launches

Scattered Release Notes

Causes confusion for customers and slows down the employees

Rampant Misscommunication

Lack of communication causes inaccurate information, frustration and goals that fall apart

Unheard Voices

Valuable insights and opinions get lost because they lack the proper communication channels

Information Gaps

Too often, customers are unaware of new releases resulting in a low adoption

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