Crowdsource Your Content

Start building authentic marketing content

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Crowdsource Your Content

Start building authentic marketing content

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Better content starts with the right ingredients

Use your audience to discover what content to create next.


Gather internal and external resources to help write new pieces of content


Build better content faster by having sorted and graded data.


Produce more relatable content based on feedback.

The New Revolution in Content Marketing

Authentic Content

Thought Leadership and Substantive

Data rich with real examples that relate to the products and solutions. Content that furthers the mission of the company and it’s employees.

Genuine Ideas and Information

Content in service of education and value to its readers. Honest perspectives that resonate with the audience.

Crafted by Subject Matter Experts

Real employees and real customers as writers come through the content. The people who live in the product or solution can articulate it in a rich way that adds value for the reader.

Collaborative with Multiple Points of View

Discussing both sides of the topic displays transparency, resulting in greater brand loyalty.

Generic Content

Sales and Buzz Word Focused

Content that is sales focused is easily spotted by the reader and is proven to lessen reader engagement.

Limited Research and Depth

Shallow content that does not add any value to the reader.

Similar to Existing Information already Published

Repetitive content that is easily scanned over, leaving no lasting impression on the reader.

Un-engaging and Downright Boring

Unreadable content that offers no benefit to you or your audience.

Content that Drives Results

Average survey response rate.
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