How It Works

A new way to write content

Step 1: Research

We will help you discover your pipeline and goals



Our first step is discovering what content you have created. This will help us find the gaps in your pipeline.



The next step is looking at your content pipeline and finding out how we can expedite the creation process.



The final step is understanding your goals. We want to help you hit your goals while helping you build relevant content.

Step 2: Survey

We will help you build a custom survey to crowdsource your content

Select Questions

We have a bank of content inspiring questions to help you get started or you can create your own questions.

Choose Contributors

Import lists of contributors emails, add distribution lists or import your contacts from Slack.


Each survey has a specific link for each contributor that doesn't require a login for convenience. Helping you get your content faster.

Step 3: Knowledge Matrix

Each response is plotted on our Knowledge Matrix.



Once the responses come back in they are plotted on the knowledge matrix to help you find the best feedback.



Each response is given a score to help you find the best responses in each quadrant.

Content Analysis Report

After each net survey, our team will put together a report that highlights the data from the survey. We will also give you content recommendations based on the feedback we received.

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